Customized Digital Marketing and Communication Strategies for SMEs and Freelancers

Achieve a constant and affordable online presence

Who am I?

I am delighted to introduce myself: I am Ángela María Calderón Meza, a digital marketing and social media expert with 20 years of experience. My passion lies in weaving connections between brands and audiences through digital strategies that are both creative and effective. In this constant and ever-changing digital environment, my focus remains steadfast on innovation and adaptability. I welcome you to my space, where strategy merges with creativity to chart the path to success.

How can I help you?

With my guidance, you will discover a new perspective on your business. After an objective analysis of your company, we will establish key communication objectives together to enhance your online presence. I offer you a customized digital marketing plan that includes message strategy, blog content creation, social media management, online advertising campaigns, email marketing, SEO, and more. But, how do we achieve this? Through inbound marketing, a technique that attracts your customers not only with your offers but with the essence and philosophy of your brand.

What Can I Do for You?

Editorial Consulting

As an editorial specialist, I offer personalized advice on alternatives for the effective management of content for your company.

Web Design and Development

A corporate website, whether for a freelancer, professional, an SME, or a company, is fundamental because it opens the doors to the evolution of businesses or brands.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a communication technique that involves creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract our target audience.

Social Media Management

In an environment dominated by new technologies, I take charge of keeping your social media platforms active and achieving interaction with your clients and those interested.

Media Management

Through key strategies, I select the most suitable channels to reach the target audience through press releases and notes, dossiers, and result measurement.

Strategic Communication

I develop customized and adapted 360º communication strategies to meet your needs, aiming for the successful positioning of your brand in front of your target audience.

Audiovisual Content

I create impactful audiovisual content that captures the essence of your brand, connecting with the audience and standing out in the market.

Journalistic Vision

I create content for press, radio, and TV, highlighting stories that inform, educate, and capture the public's attention.

Work Methodology


Checking the starting situation is the first step before beginning work; I will conduct a complete analysis of all contracted aspects, strengths, and areas for improvement.


Based on the initial analysis, we will plan the tasks to be carried out, assigning responsible individuals for each of the contracted areas.


With the planning done, we will get down to work, creating valuable content and online marketing campaigns that attract and convert internet users into your customers.


All the previous work will be collected in monthly reports, where the main metrics will be gathered to tell us if the marketing efforts are bearing fruit.

What do they say about me?


Liking what you've seen as you've scrolled through? We're right on the edge of giving your brand or business's online vibe a total makeover, and what you do next could really set the stage for your project's future. Why not drop me a line through the contact form? It's a simple move that could open the door to a partnership all about smashing your goals and then some. I'm all in for making your dreams come true. Let's chat about making your next project a big win!